Tiny Soccer Head Game Asset

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Tiny Soccer Head Game Asset.
Royalty free game art for indie game developer!



Product Description

Tiny Soccer Head Game Asset

Tiny soccer head game asset is includes all of graphics you need to build 2D football head game.

Character animations :
⦁ Idle
⦁ Move Forward
⦁ Move Backward
⦁ Kick
⦁ Jump
⦁ Falling Down
⦁ Sliding

The main file includes :
⦁ .SCML (Brashmonkey Spriter Animation Files)
⦁ .PSD and .JPG (Editable game background)
⦁ .PNG (Character body parts, Character animation in sequence images, Gui & Objects)

Features :
⦁ Customizable characters animation with brashmonkey spriter
⦁ High resolution PNG files



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