What is
Tokegameart is a site that sells game assets for indie game developer. read more about Tokegameart

What are sells in sells a variety game asset for game developer.


How to buy game assets of this site?
Make sure you have a Tokegameart account. if you don’t have, please create one here

How to download free asset?
Click the “Add to cart” button, then go to checkout page. You will not be asked paypal account to download the free item.

Can i buy as a guest?
We strongly recommend that you have an account, this is because all of item purchased history will be displayed on the account page, But you don’t need to create an account to download free assets.

What payment options are available?
PayPal is the only option available at the moment.

Can I get a refund on an asset?
No, we don’t accept refund requests for items that have been purchased.

I got “invalid download link” message when trying to download the file through email.
This usually happens when a file has been updated. Please download the item through your Tokegameart account.


How to sell my game asset on tokegameart?
You need to have a Tokegameart vendor account to sell your game asset.

How to become Tokegameart vendor?
If you have a registered account, you can apply as TokeGameArt vendor. Please read this article.

What assets i can sells?
You can sells any 2d game assets (Character Sprite, GUI, Platformer, VFX, Game Background, etc)

How to submit my products?
Please read the art submission guideline and setting up your product article.

How much commission I get for each item I sold?
You will get 80% commission for every item you sold on

How do I receive payment for my asset sales?
We will send your money once the payment from buyers are available on our paypal.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact Us at, or live chat support if it’s available.