Chibi Character Bundle

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40-Packs of Chibi Character.
A huge character bundle for games!



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Product Description

Chibi Character Bundle

Chibi character bundle is a huge of 2D game character pack. This bundle include over 40 of chibi characters for your games. Get this bundle now and save over $250.

Characters included in the bundle :

  1. Black Ninja
  2. Pumpkin Head Guy
  3. Chibi Prisoner Guy
  4. White Ninja
  5. Archer Guy
  6. Assassin Guy
  7. Spartan Knight with Spear
  8. White Armored Knight
  9. Heavy Armored Defender Knight
  10. Very Heavy Armored Frontier Defender
  11. Frontier Defender Spartan
  12. Devil Masked Guy
  13. Medieval Masked Guy
  14. Mayan Tribe Knight
  15. Anubis
  16. Medieval Hooded Girl
  17. Egyptian Mummy
  18. Medieval Mage
  19. Evil Skull Knight
  20. Vampire
  21. Medieval King
  22. Medieval Thug
  23. Inca Tribe
  24. Egyptian Sentry
  25. Templar Knight
  26. Greek Warrior
  27. Monk Guy
  28. Indian Tribe Knight
  29. Romanian Settler
  30. Persian Warrior
  31. Barbarian Warrior
  32. Medieval Warrior Girl
  33. Medieval Sergeant
  34. Old Guy
  35. Black Wizard
  36. Medieval Commander
  37. Medieval Warrior
  38. Blacksmith Guy
  39. Evil Bald Guy
  40. Medieval Knight

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