Tiny Cowboy

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Tiny Cowboy
A set of tiny character sprite for 2d side scrolling or top-down game. Suitable for western themed kids game.

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Sold By : Tokegameart
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Product Description

Tiny Cowboy

A set of cool tiny cowboy character sprite that suitable for your next 2d side scrollinga game character.

With 11 cool animations :

  • Dying
  • Firing FX
  • Hurt
  • Idle
  • Jump Loop
  • Jump Start
  • Melee Attack
  • Running
  • Shooting
  • Throwing
  • Walking

The main file contains :

  • .AI (“Tiny Cowboy” Illustrator File)
  • .EPS (24 files for each vector part)
  • .PNG Sequences (30 fps images for each animation in 3 different sizes, Large / Medium / Small)
  • .PNG Files(For each vector parts and game objects in 3 different sizes, Large / Medium / Small)
  • .SCML (Spriter source file used to create the animation or re-export the PNG sequences)
  • .Unitypackage (Importable unity file, including .prefab, .controller, and for each vector parts)
Features :
  • 100% vector
  • Customizable vector part
  • Editable or add the animation using spriter.
  • Unity ready
Notes :
  • Minimum Adobe CS Version to open the .AI file (CS5).
  • Use the “Brashmonkey Spriter” to open the .SCML animation file. Download the spriter software here
  • To make the character animation works well in Unity, it requires Spriter2UnityDX tool. Download the Spriter2UnityDX here

1 review for Tiny Cowboy
  1. (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    Looks great in my game.

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Got something to discuss?

1 year 1 month ago

You provide a Unity import however the package isn’t complete. It is missing scripts and the shooting animation doesn’t use the bullets. Could you please provide a fixed version.

Asa Faly Rayyan
1 year 1 month ago

Hi Jacwilso, Do you mean firing effect?
You can find the effect in PNG Sequences folder.

2 months 23 days ago


Have you got anything similar to this? I’m using this in a game but would like another similar cowboy. I only use the shooting and dying animation. Thanks.

2 months 20 days ago

Hi Bod,
We don’t have other cowboy on this style. You may ask for a custom coyboy for this.

2 months 18 days ago

How much would that cost? For 8 frame shooting a d 15 frame dying?

2 months 7 days ago

Hi, for a custom character please mail to


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