Green Army Guy

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Green Army Guy Character Sprite.
Perfect for your next 2D side scrolling shooter games!

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Product Description

Green Army Guy – 2D Charcater Sprite

Green army guy is a set of 2D character sprite for game. This charcater is perfect for hero or enemy in your 2D side scrolling shooter games. This pack also includes some of additional 2d graphic assets such as ammo, chest, grenade, key, stone, and vest icon for your game development purpose, and the most importantly this character sprite has 64 cool animations.

64 animations in 3 different sizes :

  1. Climb Down
  2. Climb Up
  3. Dying
  4. Dying Firearm
  5. Dying Handgun
  6. Falling Down
  7. Falling Down Firearm
  8. Falling Down Handgun
  9. Firearm Effect
  10. Firing Firearm
  11. Firing Handgun
  12. Firing in The Air Firearm
  13. Firing in The Air Handgun
  14. Handgun Effect
  15. Hanging
  16. Hanging Firearm
  17. Hanging Handgun
  18. Hurt
  19. Hurt Firearm
  20. Hurt Handgun
  21. Idle
  22. Idle Blinking
  23. Idle Blinking Firearm
  24. Idle Blinking Handgun
  25. Idle Firearm
  26. Idle Handgun
  27. Idle Standby
  28. Jump Loop
  29. Jump Loop Firearm
  30. Jump Loop Handgun
  31. Jump Start
  32. Jump Start Firearm
  33. Jump Start Handgun
  34. Kicking
  35. Kicking 02
  36. Kicking Firearm
  37. Kicking Handgun
  38. Melee Attack
  39. Melee Attack Firearm
  40. Melee Attack Handgun
  41. Melee Attack in The Air
  42. Melee Attack in The Air Firearm
  43. Melee Attack in The Air Handgun
  44. Punching
  45. Run Aiming Firearm
  46. Run Aiming Handgun
  47. Run Throwing
  48. Run Throwing Firearm
  49. Run Throwing Handgun
  50. Running
  51. Running Firearm
  52. Running Handgun
  53. Sliding
  54. Sliding Firearm
  55. Sliding Handgun
  56. Throwing
  57. Throwing Firearm
  58. Throwing Handgun
  59. Throwing in The Air
  60. Throwing in The Air Firearm
  61. Throwing in The Air Handgun
  62. Walking
  63. Walking Firearm
  64. Walking Handgun

The main file contains :

  • .AI (“Green Army Guy” Adobe Illustrator CC File)
  • .EPS(64 files for each vector part)
  • .PNG Sequences (30 fps images for each animation in 3 different sizes, Large / Medium / Small)
  • .PNG Files(For each vector parts and game objects in 3 different sizes, Large / Medium / Small)
  • .SCML (Spriter source file used to create the animation or re-export the PNG sequences)
  • .Unitypackage (Importable unity file, including .prefab, .controller, and for each vector parts)

Features :

  • 100% vector
  • Customizable vector part
  • Customizeable animation with brashmonkey spriter.
  • Unity ready

Notes :

  • Minimum Adobe CS Version to open the .AI file (CS5).
  • Use the “Brashmonkey Spriter” to open the .SCML animation file. Download the spriter software here
  • To make the character animation works well in Unity, it requires Spriter2UnityDX tool. Download the Spriter2UnityDX here


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