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Cartoonist Mummy 3-Packs

Features :

  • File Formats (AI, SVG, PNG, SCML)
  • High resolution PNG animation sequences
  • Customizeable charcater’s body parts and animations
  • Single purchase for unlimited digital end products
  • Free updates


Product Description

Cartoonist Mummy 3-Packs

Cartoonist Mummy 3-Packs best for side scrolling and top-down spooky or middle age games. Character’s body parts vector and animations are 100% customizable. Animated in Brashmonkey Spriter Pro software you can download for free.

Animation Preview :

Cartoonist Mummy 3-Packs Preview

Each includes the following animations :

  1. Idle
  2. Attacking
  3. Walking
  4. Running
  5. Jump_Loop
  6. Hurt
  7. Dying
  8. Idle_With_Weapon
  9. Attacking_With_Weapon
  10. Walking_With_Weapon
  11. Running_With_Weapon
  12. Jump_Loop_With_Weapon
  13. Hurt_With_Weapon
  14. Dying_With_Weapon

Features :

  • High resolution charcater’s animation PNG sequences
  • 100% charcater’s body parts vector
  • Editable character animation with Brashmonkey Spriter.

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