Torch Bot Character

Torch Bot Guy.
A Rayman inspired platformer robot character!



Product Description

Torch Bot Character – 2D Character Sprite

Torch bot character is a set of 2d character sprite for runner, sidescroller, arcade games and more!

Character in Action :


  • 13 stunning animations
  • HD size character
  • animations as transparent png exports
  • psd and spine files for editing

The character is drawn in photoshop and is 780x1360px large. The animations are done in spine. All animations are 1900×1500 large and same size.

List of Animations

  1. crouch idle
  2. die
  3. flamethrower
  4. flamethrower down
  5. flamethrower up
  6. hurt
  7. idle
  8. jab left (punch attack)
  9. jab right(punch combo attack)
  10. jump
  11. run
  12. slide
  13. wall slide



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