Stickman Fighter Spine 2D Character Sprites

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Features :

  • High quality game asset
  • Free commercial use
  • Use in unlimited number of end product
  • Unlimited download
  • Free updates


Product Description




  • 100+ animations
  • 100% vector
  • Animated with Spine
  • Source files
  • ready to be used in your game
  • editable animations (requires Spine Pro )
  • Spine Json Data for importing the character into your Game Engine
  • PNG Image sequence animation exports

List of Animations

Bare handed

  1. block bottom
  2. block center
  3. block top
  4. die A
  5. die B
  6. flying kick
  7. hurt bottom
  8. hurt center
  9. hurt top
  10. idle
  11. idle active
  12. idle fight pose
  13. jab double
  14. jab high double
  15. jab high single
  16. jab single
  17. jump A
  18. jump B
  19. jump C
  20. jump D
  21. kick high
  22. kick low
  23. kick straight
  24. reverse kick
  25. run
  26. run stop
  27. salto kick
  28. thousand fists
  29. uppercut
  30. walk fight pose
  31. walk normal

with Sword

  1. block bottom
  2. block center
  3. block top
  4. die A
  5. die B
  6. hurt bottom
  7. hurt center
  8. hurt top
  9. idle
  10. idle active
  11. idle fight pose
  12. jump A
  13. jump B
  14. jump C
  15. jump D
  16. run
  17. run stop
  18. slash
  19. walk fight pose
  20. walk normal

with pistol / uzi / rifle

  1. crouch shoot
  2. die A
  3. die B
  4. hurt bottom
  5. hurt center
  6. hurt top
  7. idle
  8. idle active
  9. idle fight pose
  10. jump A
  11. jump B
  12. jump C
  13. jump D
  14. run
  15. run shoot
  16. run stop
  17. shoot
  18. walk fight pose
  19. walk shoot
  20. walk normal

Most of the animations share the same movements but are adjusted to the weapon in use. For instance the stickman has a walk animation which is duplicated and adjusted for the stickman when it’s holding an uzi. As a result you have a stickman  with a gun walking animation.


PNG Animation Exports

The animations are exported as sequenced images at 24fps.  PNG animation exports include the following stickman colors

  • Black
  • Black with face
  • Black with white stroke
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Inverted (white / black)
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Red
  • White

For more color variations see the Spine section below.


You will have maximum benefit from this asset when you have Spine Pro. You can then set

  • your own stickman color
  • your own stroke color
  • decide whether to show face expression on the stickman or hide them
  • easily add your own weapon to use. For instance you can swap the existing sword animations with a laser sword. Or change the rifle with a shotgun



1 review for Stickman Fighter Spine 2D Character Sprites
  1. Collins Vakayil

    (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    Just purchased your sprite, to try and learn making 2D platform games. I noticed you showed a character sprite in your video with color presets ‘french’, the one with orange and blue clothing and was hoping the animation png would be included for that too, but unfortunately it isn’t and I don’t have access to Spine. Could you please include that as well?

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