Skater Girl 2D Spine Character Sprites

Features :

  • High quality game asset
  • Free commercial use
  • Use in unlimited number of end product
  • Unlimited download
  • Free updates


Product Description

See Live Preview of the animations here


Animation GIF Examples


  • Unique and appealing character design
  • Excellent 22 animations with love to detail
  • Imported character into Unity3D
  • Animation exports as .png and .gif
  • Spine json export
  • 100% Vector
  • source files as AI, Spine, Unity

Animation list

  1. 5.0 grind
  2. 50-50 grind 
  3. no comply
  4. fall back
  5. fall front
  6. heel flip
  7. hit obstacle
  8. idle A
  9. idle B
  10. indy grab
  11. kick flip
  12. land
  13. nosegrind
  14. noseslide
  15. ollie
  16. push double
  17. push single
  18. roll A
  19. roll B
  20. start rolling
  21. tail grab
  22. victory





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