Pockey The Turtle Character Sprites (Spine)

Features :

  • High quality game asset
  • Free commercial use
  • Use in unlimited number of end product
  • Unlimited download
  • Free updates


Product Description

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWb9w5oEXIQ]


  • unique art style and character design
  • professional and smooth animations
  • ready to be used in game
  • 100% vector
  • source files as AI, EPS, SVG, PNG, Spine


List of animations:

  1. attack A (only staff version)
  2. attack B (only staff version)
  3. climb
  4. crouch attack (only staff version)
  5. crouch walk
  6. die
  7. hit
  8. idle
  9. idle battle
  10. jump animations**
  11. run
  12. slide
  13. slide wall
  14. stun
  15. throw
  16. walk
  17. win


Character animations have a normal version and a version where the character uses a staff. Normal version and staff version PNG image sequence vary in size. This is so the  export size is kept small. Please contact me if you need custom PNG exports.

** jump animation comes in 5 poses which combined makes a full jump animation. A full jump animation is also included.  Whatever suits you best.  

Animation Sample GIF’s


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See the character in action here: https://i.simmer.io/@overcrafted/pockey-the-turtle-spine-2d-game-character-demo