Male Zombie Character 04

Features :

  • High quality game asset
  • Free commercial use
  • Use in unlimited number of end product
  • Unlimited download
  • Free updates


Product Description

Character Animation Live Demo

This guy turned into a zombie in a ghetto..


  • Unique art style and character design
  • 13 professional and smooth animations
  • 100% Vector art
  • source files as AI, EPS, SVG, PNG, Spine


  1. Attack A
  2. Attack B
  3. Die
  4. Hit A
  5. Hit B
  6. Idle A
  7. Idle B
  8. Jump (includes a jump air pose and a jump land animation)
  9. Run A
  10. Run B
  11. Walk A
  12. Walk B
  13. Walk Cripple

Animation Sprites Sample



Character vector art is around 1000x1000px large. The character in the exported PNG sequenced animations is a bit smaller to keep file size down.


Character is drawn in Adobe Illustrator and then converted to SVG as well as EPS for more usability.


Character is animated using Spine Pro. The animations are exported into PNG Image sequences at 24FPS. There is also a JSON file in case you want to import the character directly into your Game Engine instead of using the sprites.

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