Hero Knight Characters – 3 Pack

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Hero Knights – 3 Packs
Perfect hero characters for your hack and slash 2D side platformer games!



Product Description

Hero Knight Characters – 2D Platformer Game Character Sprites

Hero knight characters contains 3-pack of animated hero characters for your next games. Red, green and blue cartoon styled characters suitable for sidescrolling platformer games. And, maybe a strategy game like Heroes of Might and Magic.


  • 3 animated characters (red, green, and blue)

Animation/ Poses

  • Climb
  • Jump
  • Fall
  • Die
  • Dizzy
  • Hurt
  • Attack
  • Attack 2
  • Defend
  • Run

Included Files

  • Spriter Projects (SCML)
  • Exported PNG Sequences
  • Vector SVG Character Parts (for Inkscape User)
  • Vector PDF Character Parts (for any vector editing software)

Vector files included in this package are SVG (for Inkscape) and PDF (for any other vector editing software). So even though this item doesn’t have AI and EPS files. You can still easily open and edit the vector design in other software.

Animation is also done using Spriter free version. So you don’t have to own the pro version to edit the animations.

I hope you find good use for it.

Have a nice day!


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