Glorious Prince 2D Game Character Sprite

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Features :

  • High quality game asset
  • Free commercial use
  • Use in unlimited number of end product
  • Unlimited download
  • Free updates


Product Description

Click Image Below to watch Preview Animations

This “Glorious Prince 2D Game Character Sprite” is for developers who want to create their mobile game apps for IOS and Android games and need Game Character Spritesheets for their projects.Best assets for game like: Shooting game, Running Game, Platform Game, and more side Scrolling games.

Animations Included :

  1. IDLE (Normal, Gun, Sword)
  2. WALK (Normal, Gun, Sword)
  3. RUN (Normal, Gun, Sword)
  4. DEAD (Normal, Gun, Sword)
  5. GET HIT (Normal, Gun, Sword)
  6. ATTACK GUN (Idle, Walk, Run, Crouch)
  7. ATTACK SWORD (Idle, Walk, Run, Crouch)
  8. JUMP UP (Normal, Gun, Sword)
  9. JUMP FALL (Normal, Gun, Sword)
  10. JUMP DOWN (Normal, Gun, Sword)
  11. SLIDING (Normal, Gun, Sword)
  12. DIZZY (Normal, Gun, Sword)
  13. CROUCH (Normal, Gun, Sword)
  14. TIRED (Normal, Gun, Sword)
  15. LADDER (Normal, Gun, Sword)
  16. LADDER SIDE (Normal, Gun, Sword)
  17. THROW (Normal, Gun, Sword)
  19. BALANCING (Normal, Gun, Sword)
  20. FLOAT WATER (Normal, Gun, Sword)
  21. SWIM (Normal, Gun, Sword)
  22. GRAB EDGE (Normal, Gun, Sword)
  23. GET UP EDGE (Normal, Gun, Sword)
  24. WALL (Normal, Gun, Sword)
  25. DOUBLE JUMP (Normal, Gun, Sword)
  26. ROPE IDLE (Normal, Gun, Sword)
  27. ROPE WALK (Normal, Gun, Sword)
  28. PULL (Normal, Gun, Sword)
  29. PUSH (Normal, Gun, Sword)
  30. LAUGH (Normal, Gun, Sword)
  31. WIN (Normal, Gun, Sword)
  32. JET PACK (Normal, Gun, Sword)
  33. JET PACK ATTACK (Normal, Gun, Sword)
  34. DRIVING (Normal, Gun, Sword)
  35. MINING
  37. LADDER SIDE (Normal, Gun, Sword)
  38. TALKING (Normal, Gun, Sword)
  39. QUICK DODGE (Normal, Gun, Sword)
  40. BLOCK (Normal, Gun, Sword)
  41. COMBO
  45. EFFECT (Gun, Smoke, Kamehameha Effect)

File Included :

  • .ai (minimum Adobe Illustrator CS, 100% Editable Body Parts vector)
  • .eps (Included EPS10 too, and 100% Editable Body Parts vector)
  • .png (Separated PNG, ready to your game, and size is up to 512px)
  • .scml (you can edit All animation moves and re-Export your animation with Brashmonkey Spriter)

Tilesets, Backgrounds and Enemies are not included!


Ai and Eps File is just contains Vector Body Parts only, and there is no AI or PS for character sprites It’s because Animation is done in BRASHMONKEY SPRITER!. But there is a high resolution PNG images for every Animation sprites


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