Children Game Assets

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Assets for childre’s games.
A set of cute alphabetical characters for kids game!

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Remaining characters: 160


Children Game Assets – 2D Game Kit

Children game assets for Daddy 1.0. gives you a lot of visual sprites with a great visual concept.

Enjoy using these cute characters with your son :).

Here are the details:

– Animals alphabet.

– Animals list:

  • A: Antelope
  • B: Bee
  • C: Cat
  • D: Dolphin
  • E: Elephant
  • F: Flamingo
  • G: Gorilla
  • H: Horse
  • I: Iguana
  • J: Jellyfish
  • K: Koala
  • L: Lobster
  • M: Monkey
  • N: Nightingale
  • O: Octopus
  • P: Pig
  • Q: Quail
  • R: Racoon
  • S: Snake
  • T: Toucan
  • U: Unicorn
  • V: Vulture
  • W: Worm
  • X: Xerus
  • Y: Yak
  • Z: Zebra

– Free support ( for fix, changes, or something what you need.



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