Chibi Crusader Knight

5-Packs of Chibi Crusader Knight.
Perfect for your “beat’em up” and “smash waves enemies”games!



Product Description


Very well animated and lovely designed chibi crusader knight character sprite. Populate your platformer / sidescroller game with these cute knights. Put them in a beat’em up game and smash waves of enemies.

Below are the key reasons why you should get this art package!

5 Color Presets

The package includes a red, an orange, a blue and a green crusader. Perfect to have a coop gameplay or make a multiplayer game where every color represents a different player.

The 5th color is a neutral colored crusader which can be used as a NPC.

Unique Art Style…

…at least unique enough to stick out from the mass.

50 Animations

Bring your game to life with a variety of available animations. Here is a list of all animations:

  1. air attack a
  2. air attack b
  3. attack a (primary attack)
  4. attack b (primary attack)
  5. attack c (overhead)
  6. attack d (uplifting strike)
  7. attack e (spinwheel)
  8. cast fireball(magic, ranged attack)
  9. dance
  10. dash backward
  11. dash forward
  12. die a
  13. die b
  14. default pose
  15. duck
  16. happy greeting
  17. horse attack a
  18. horse attack b
  19. horse gallop
  20. horse idle
  21. hurt a
  22. hurt idle
  23. i must pee(fun anim)
  24. idle a
  25. idle b
  26. jump a
  27. jump b
  28. jump c
  29. kick
  30. lay
  31. lift heavy object
  32. lift idle
  33. lift walk
  34. roll
  35. run
  36. run attack
  37. scared
  38. shield block
  39. shield equip
  40. shoot arrow(ranged attack)
  41. sit
  42. sleep
  43. slide
  44. steady guard
  45. swim
  46. swim idle
  47. throw
  48. walk
  49. idle(mount)
  50. gallop(mount)

High Quality Animations

Animations are done using the free and powerful animation software DragonBones. It has support for major game engines.

To view a list of supported game engines visit the website here:

Editable and Customizable Animations

you can edit existing animations and modify to suit your needs.

Editable and Customizable Character

you can edit the character and modify to suit your needs.

100% Vector

Characters are drawn in Adobe Illustrator CC a vector based drawing tool.


Animations are exported as png sprites.
Same for characters.

Order & Structure

Everything is organized well and has meaningful names. This goes also for the used tools.

Tested Quality

Quality of the asset is tested in Unity

Artist Support

Whether you need additional animations or a slight different color you get the full support.


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