[Solved] Upload Character Asset Animated With An Animation Tool Other Than Spriter  



when I started selling there was written somewhere that only characters animated in Spriter can be submitted to tokegameart if I am not wrong. I can't seem to find that text anymore so I assumed we can also submit characters that are not only animated in Spriter?

I've couple of characters animated in DragonBones and would like to submit them too if possible. The workflow is actually the same:

Adobe Illustrator > DragonBones > Unity

Also if I had used Spine would it be possible too?

Adobe Illustrator > Spine > Unity

Maybe I got something wrong but I hold myself back from submitting these characters just because they are not animated in Spriter and wanted ask before submitting. 




Hi 2dgamearts, there is no need to use spriter or spine. As long as the characters has animations, it is ok. Is this answer your question?


Yes it is thank you ;D


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