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Construct 2 - Video...

Construct 2 - Video Tutorial for beginners  



Hi guys, I am recording some videos to teach how to create your games with Construct 2:

Construct 2 - Video Tutorial in English

Construct 2 - Video Tutorial in Italian


You can also buy the assets present in these videos (Sprites, Sound Effects and Music) here on Tokegameart!

Are you curious to see what you can do with a little bit of more effort at the end of the first course and using my assets?

Have a look at this video here:

Or play directly the game here:

1 Answer

Wow, that was amazing.
Developers should have this starter kit assets and see how the assets work in the game.
I'll waiting to see other assets from Biim Games 🙂


Thank you,
in few weeks I will start to work on a new tutorial series and I will create new assets for that as well.

I will put for sure the assets here and maybe I will do a bundle for the ones that are interested in buying both.

There aren't many pixel art assets here, so maybe I will keep doing pixel art to add some variety for the developers that want to do something with that 🙂


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