Convert brashmonkey spriter animation file into unity animation with Spriter2Unity Tool  


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Hi community,
On this topic I will explain how to convert brashmonkey spriter animation file into unity animation.


What is Brashmonkey Spriter?

Brashmonkey spriter is one of best 2d animation spriter software from that allow you to create 2d animation for game or even 2d movie. Brashmonkey spriter provide free and paid for pro version. For complete information, visit


What is Spriter2Unity?

Spriter2Unity is a tool that allow you to convert spriter animation source file .scml into unity .prefab and .anim files based on the original work by Malhavok, visit You can download Spriter2Unity tool here. For complete informatoin about Spriter2Unity tool, visit orginal thread on brashmonkey forum page here.


How to convert spriter .scml file into unity .prefab and .anim?

  1. Open unity
  2. Create new 2D project
  3. Import Spriter2Unity tool into your unity project (just drag and drop it into your Project view)
  4. Import your entire Spriter project folder (including all the textures) into your Unity project
  5. The converter should automatically create a prefab (with nested animations) and an AnimatorController
  6. When you make any changes to the .scml file, the converter will attempt to update existing assets if they exist
  7. If the update causes irregular behaviour, try deleting the original assets and then reimporting the .scml file


Watch in short video tutorial :


If you have any question, leave a comment.


Thank you


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