This may take 5-10 minutes, but you must pay attention to these things so that we can accpet you submission sooner. This art submission guideline help you to submit your product with good SEO and increase your sales. The following are steps to submit your art to TokeGameArt store.

Add New Product

Go to “Add New Product” page by clicking “Add product” menu.

Item Name

Fill the “Product name” field with your product name (e.g : Medieval Top-down game tileset).

Item Description

Describe your art clearly, such as included files, pixel resolution or any other things.

Product Data

  1. At the “Product data” container, check all the “Checkbox” as shown the figure below.
  2. Make sure the “General” tab selected
  3. Set your item price and set your item price in the “Regular price” field (Number only).
  4. Leave “Sale price” field blank if you don’t want your item noted as “On sale”, or set the “Slace price” field lower than the regular price to make your item as on sale.
  5. Add your main file by clicking “Add file” button and put you downloadable file url on “File URL” filed. Or simply click the “Choose from Dropbox” and select your file in your dropbox. We will download your file and move it to our storage manually.

Product Category

On the “Product category” container, check the available item category that match with your art.

Product Tag

On the “Product tag” container, click the “Choose from the most used Product tags” to display the available item tags, then select the tags that related with your art. If you can’t find the tag you want, you may add your own item tags by click the “Add” button.

Product Image

Before uploading the product images, please read this article to help you setting up the product image.

On the “Product image” container, click the “Select product image” to open the “media uploader” window.

Once “Media uploader” window opened, upload your images by drag and drop the images. You can upload more than one images at time, but you can select only one image for “Product Image”.

  1. Select image which will be used for item thumbnail
  2. Fill the image information field (optional).
  3. Click “Set Product Image”

Product Gallery

This step is same thing as setting up the product image, but you can select more than one image for the product gallery by hold the “Ctrl” key. (This step is optional, but we highly recomended)

Submit for Review

After all are done, click the “Submit for Reviews“. We will review your item before the item live on the store. You will noticed via email once your product live.